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FS: (FL) Don Hume H721 OT

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Selling a pretty much new right handed Don Hume H-721 O.T. for XD40-4". I originally bought 2 from different retialers to see who could get one to me first. I was planning on keeping both, but decided to part with one. This one has never been put on a belt and has only had the XD in it once or twice. You can only tell by the impressions on the inside of the holster. Don Hume currently has a wait time of 12-14 weeks for items not in stock (it was around 8-9 weeks for me). If it is not a local pick up, shipping will most likely be USPS flat rate $4.80. (I have limited access to the internet, so give me a little while t orespond)

Asking $45 + $4.80 shipping via PayPal.

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Honestly, I dont see why it wouldn't. It is my understanding that the entire XD line is the same frame, with the only difference being barrel lengths and grip lengths.

for some reason the front picture isnt working.
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