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I have 3 holsters im looking to sell

Galco Stow n Go $25
Galco King Tuck $50
Desantis IWB soft holster $25

The Galco stow n go has a little bit of ware as you can see in the pictures but still is a good holster i use it for the quick runs upto the gas station where i need to just drop it on my hip, used this alot when i apendix carry for a few months

the Galco King tuck is in really nice shape, I also have the orginal package for this if you would like it has a little wear right on the edge from pistol (also can see in the pic). I just could never find myself to really like this holster, was great for all day wear and really made you forget you have the pistol on your hip but with going to and from work and into the gym i found myself needing to take off the holster alot and this one just wasnt for me.

the Desantis holster i honestely barly remember buying but know i didnt wear it more than once its simply because it didnt stay open when on hip without pistol, nothing special about it just a IWB with clip

buyer pays actuall shipping cost I will ship all pistols in USPS flat rate box and believe shipping would be below $15 each

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