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FS in KY: Walther PPS, CrossBreed, Ammo, and more.

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Walther PPS in 9mm
Walther Case
Small and standard length magazines
Both back straps
Walther manual, lock, warranty information, test cartridge from factory
(Receipt from Borders for $689 plus tax ($730))

93 rounds 124gr. Federal HST HP's 9mm +P
56 rounds 124gr. Remington UMC FMJ 9mm +P

Desantis Super Fly pocket holster ($37.95)

CrossBreed Supertuck Holster with Velcro & Standard clips ($69.75)
CrossBreed Velcro lined leather belt, Size: 36 ($77)

I bought this gun brand new from Borders here about 6 months ago and have been carrying it most of the time, it has less than 100 rounds through it and is in brand new condition and has been cleaned after firing. It has always functioned perfectly. The holster and belt are amazing, the belt should fit anyone from a 31"-35" waist comfortably while carrying I'd say (I'm 33"). The HST ammo is great and very hard to find anymore , as well as you would have to wait almost a month for the holster and belt to be hand made at CrossBreed.

I probably have a little over $900 in all this not including ammunition.

Looking for $625 for it all.
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I just need something I can pocket carry all the time.

My job is not gun friendly in the least and I also ride a sport bike, makes it hard to keep out of prying eyes carrying anything IWB sometimes. I wish I could keep the gun and the caliber but it looks like I'll be needing to downsize.

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i'd love to take it off your hands, but i just can't afford it at the moment... and would have a hard time getting it transferred into IN
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