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FS in TX - Barely used Lasermax Uni-Max

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FS in Texas - LaserMax Unimax red handgun Laser. Looks brand new and is in fantastic shape!

This is a special version purchased from the store It has the logo on the side

I had this mounted on a PS90 carbine, and put maybe 300 rounds thru the carbine. The recoil on the PS90 is similar to a 22. The laser was not mounted by the muzzle either, so there was no powder that ever got on the laser unit.

This laser can mount on a Picatinny or Weaver Compatible Rail.

It will fit on a Glock and many other handgun rails - has a toggle on/off switch (see the photo of the package)

I am including the batteries inside of the unit (which are recently replaced), and FOUR more batteries in their package (so, two more sets). Original packaging and instructions and tools (screwdriver and laser adjustment tool) also included!!!

These are $120-$140 new,

My Price:$75 + $5 shipping. (or local pickup)

Please email me at [email protected] and the first "I'll take it with an exchange of information gets it.

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