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FS in Bryan/College Station, TEXAS area (I'm not that far from Houston).

Beretta CX4 Carbine 9mm - uses Beretta 92 magazines. Comes with the front rail kit installed, and a Magpul forward grip!

Also included - two fifteen round factory magazines.

This is a hot item right now at the Beretta Forum, because Beretta has stopped importing these for the moment. So now, everyone is looking for one.

It is a nice, compact carbine. It would make a great home defense weapon.

I am only selling this gun because I am about to be divorced, and I just bought a PS90 carbine and another M9A3 handgun this week. I have to break even on my costs, so unfortunately, I have to sell this gun. That was the last purchases I will be doing for a long time due to the divorce...

My price is $700!

The Mepro 21 OPTIC IS NOT included for that price. However, I will sell the optic for $420 separately, ONCE the rifle is sold. Or, I will do $1100 for the entire setup!

The Mepro 21 uses tritium an fiber optics - no batteries or electronics. Great optic! I have used them on many other rifles over the years. It has the triangle reticle. It is also already zeroed at 50 yards using Hornady Critical Defense ammo. So, if someone wants to buy the set - it's already zeroed out.

Factory case and manual also included, as well as the unopened Beretta cleaning kit.

EXACTLY 732 rounds fired thru the gun:

04-06-14 217 Rounds (32 JHP) (Federal Guard Dog + Gold Dot)
04-18-15 197 Rounds (20 Guard Dog + 12 Gold Dot)
05-24-14 162 Rounds (2 Guard Dog and 10 Critical Defense)
12-06-14 057 Rounds (Blazer Brass + 7 Crit Defense)
08-29-15 072 Rounds (50 WWB + 14 Crit Defense + 3 Guard Dog)
01-16-16 027 Rounds (15 FMJ + 12 Crit Defense)

TOTAL 732 Rounds

Gun has worked 100%!

Please email me at [email protected] and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

FACE TO FACE sales only.
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