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Forsale in Texas - Like new Eotech XPS 2-0 Holographic weapon sight.

Comes with all original equipment: Box, instructions, allen wrench, extra rubber attachment point for battery cover. I have a new 123 battery inside, and I am including a 2nd (unused) Streamlight 123 cell for the EOtech as well.

In addition, I am including a Scopecoat cover for the EOtech. You can put the cover on the optic while mounted on the weapon, and it will keep dust off of it. The cover was originally bought separately.

This EOtech is in fantastic shape. Previously, I had it mounted on a PS90 for about 500 rounds. For those that don't know, a PS90 recoils like a 22 rifle. So, VERY mild recoil. And, I just had it on a S&W 15-22 carbine (22LR carbine) for 200 rounds. Never saw any abuse, carbine classes, impacts, etc. Mostly just sat in the safe.

I REALLY love the eotech, but I want to put the same reflex sight on my 22 rifle that I have on my 5.56 rifle. I'd like to keep the same optic on box. So, I am selling the EOtech to pay for that.

Price is $455 shipped!

Please email me at [email protected] and the first "I'll take it with an exchange of information gets it.

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