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FOR SALE in Clarkston, WA

One of a Kind.

CZ75 Pre-B Series 16-shot 9mm.
(comes with 2 new Blued CZ-USA
high capacity mags)

This gun was made in 1990 and is considered to be a
classic CZ75.

I had my friend redo the frame in Brownell's Aluma-hyde teflon
finish. I then and added custom pattern MMC adjustable nite sites,
in the Bar-Dot pattern. The slide was deep blued by MMC at the
time of the nite sight install.

If I can recall..This gun is highly accurate.

I've not shot this gun very much at all. Especially in the last 8 years
since moving from Idaho. I cant recall shooting it in 9mm.

This needs to go to a good home. Someone who will appreciate
a CZ75 pre-B with fantastic sights and 2 new 16-shot magazines.

Unlike some Pre-Bs, this one will accept the newer CZ75B mags.

The MMC nites are under a lifetime warranty.
I just sent the slide back a couple months ago, so the nites are fresh as new!

The gun has new CZ-USA coco-bolo grips.

I will also include the original CZ75 plastic grips.

I'm asking $600 FTF or $625 with FREE Shipping if I have to send it out.
NO Sales of gun with mags to restricted states/areas.

Persons must be non-felons and able to legally buy handguns in
their state. CPL/CCW holders preferred.

You can reimburse for shippping within 2 weeks after your 5 day
inspection period. I've done that on guns before, and never had a

Nothing wrong with this gun. I just need to sell it because I never shoot it, and
have another Pre-B.

NO TRADES considered at this time, thanks.

100% money back if you are not satisfied.

ASK for more pics.

Contact me anytime.


[email protected]

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OK, some people have asked:\\$580 plus $20 Shipping with one CZ-USA 16-shot mag.

I'm told that MMC no longer offers these sights for CZ, but they are under a lifetime warranty.. You can reimburse me for actual shipping costs in 2 weeks if you wish. I'll include a new box of Hornady FTX 9mm for local sale Only. Let me know if you are interested.

This might seem like a lot for a CZ, but you are not going to find a CZ75 with these sights
anywhere else.

Thanks for looking.

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