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Buying my first concealed carry holster (IWB) and it will hold a HK p30sk. Seeking a holster designed for an attached laser or light. This is where I get stuck.

Currently, I have a Viridian C5L green laser and light (which can set to a disorienting strobe). It's nice because you can have it automatically turn on when you draw, or you can manually turn it on/off with trigger finger (which I tend to prefer). The downside is that it adds some bulk and a bit of weight (2.3 oz) making the gun a bit front heavy. Not horrible, but noticeable. Some people complain about Viridian battery drain, but I'm satisfied with the duration.

Another option is to spend another $120 (Amazon) and get a dedicated green laser, like the Crimson Trace rail master (CMR-206). It's smaller than the Viridian and I'm guessing lighter because the battery is smaller (can't find the actual weight spec on the CMR-206). But you only have the option of manually clicking on, and there is no light.

Rail Master® Universal Green Laser Sight | Official Crimson Trace

Any guidance on whether to get a holster for the Viridian, or buy a Crimson Trace and a holster to fit it?

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