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Took a trip out to the farm today, and got a chance to shoot a few rounds. It was pretty windy, and I was unprepared to do any serious accuracy testing or anything, but had some good fun plinking.

Ran 60 rounds through my FNAR - 20 each of PMC, CBC (Magtech), and Wolf. I sure like the .308/7.62! All functioned flawlessly. I think the CBC may have been a tad 'hotter', but that's just my impression. Not being familiar with the brand, I was interested in seeing how it functioned in the FNAR.

Also ran several clips* through my CM9. I was comparing 147gr. HST's, Bonded Ranger T's, and some 115 gr. Federal practice ammo. Shot 100 rounds or so, total, without a malf of any kind. Used both the 6- and 7-round clips*. It seemed to me like the HST's were a little hotter than the Ranger T's and the Fed 115's, but again, just my impression.

I finished off the afternoon with a couple of clips* of PMC through my Colt 6920MP. The .223 felt like a .22 after the 60 rounds of 7.62x51!

It was a good day!

*I use the term "clip" instead of "magazine" for the express purpose of irritating the retentive types who will let it annoy them. :hand5:
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