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I was on a road trip yesterday (Michigan to central Ohio and back) and when I stopped for fuel and a bite to eat I noticed a sign for a gun shop in a building out back...

Of course I had no choice but to stop in and see what they had (walked out with only 2 1911 stop, seeing as I do poorly in gun stores:redface:).

Well I got talking to the proprieter and concealed carry came up as we discussed certain firearms (like a new 10/22 that looks like an assult rifle...stupid, but to each their own)...

Anyway he shows me his LCP that he was apendix carrying and says that it is the only gun he has found he can conceal (odd due to his med-large frame). Nice guy and nice little 380 but...well that is a different discussion. So the conversation turns to holsters and I asked if had ever used a CrossBreed. He said no and "what do they look like?"

His jaw dropped when I revealed my FS1911 (S&W 1911PD). He said that he never thought anybody could conceal a gun that size and he says he looks everybody over when they come in the door (to see if they are carrying).

I guess it was good to hear that a seasoned carry person who was looking for a gun on me could not find one...did not feel the need to show him my BUG P45....not sure he could have handled it anyway! After all, he thought a Glock 19 was a fine peice of workmanship:twak::spankme::danceban: (just kidding people, I think Glocks are great (edit: remove "great" and insert "OK") guns
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