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FYI: Cheap Sig 226s at CDNN

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A FYI for those out there looking for more toys: CDNN has $259 Sig 226s. Yes, that's not a misprint. Download the catalog and look after the full Sig section - there's some that were cosmetically damaged during their attempt at refinishing the slides on some trade-ins.

I ordered three for the shop and took the "worst" home - looks like it has a bad case of acne under parts of the nickel finish on the slide, but it runs and functions fine. A replacement slide is a whopping $60ish if the appearance doesn't do you down the road.

I never thought I'd find one this cheap that works - I have a new toolbox gun in my preferred platform.
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Heck, if it works, who cares how it looks? If nothing else, you can pack it up and send it to birdsong and have a corrosion resistant finish put on it. It would be the ultimate boat gun then, and a couple hundred bucks less than a factory new one.
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