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G20SF vs G29SF Questions

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I got a chance to shoot the legendary G20SF tonight. Prior to this, I did a ton of research on recoil and what to expect so I was anticipating a real beast. I loaded it up and Pulled the trigger........WOW!!!

A lot of Flash and a lot of Bang but recoil was not bad at all!!! I am no desert eagler, I like my 9s and 380s. Recoil was a pleasant hybrid between a 40 and a 45. Not as much flip as the 40 but a combo of the 2. Very Very controllable. I was double tapping with good results!! Makes me now wonder about the G29.

FYI - I was way more taken back by a PM45 I also got a chance to shoot! and a Sig 230 in 40. Locks of flip and torque with the 40 and lots of both with the PM45 - That thing was a handful!! I shot 180fmjs in the 10mm.

Now I dont know if this is a coincidence, but I shot the 10 probably the most accurate I have ever shot, including a G19. Bar none! Even out the 10 yards plus, I was much more accurate. Cant explain it and cant say if it was dumb luck!! I cut the bullseye with 4 shots @ 7yds and took the orange right out!! I was absolutely amazed!!

Awesome Gun!!

So now I gotta ask For those who have shot the G20SF and the G29SF - How do they compare in terms of accuracy, recoil, and any other areas?
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Obviously, the smaller gun will have a little more felt recoil. However, I don't know what it is about the 29/30, but they are some of the softest shooting guns for their size and the caliber they are chambered it. Accuracy is also exceptional.

If you're thinking you might conceal it, the obvious answer is the 29, if it's going to be an outdoor/range/fun gun, the 20 would be a sweer gun for sure.
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