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Mr 75Scout asked about the HK Compact .45. I have one, with the LEM trigger module. I had a trigger job done by Tommy Thacker of Thacker Guns and the trigger pull weight is now at 6.5 pounds, but it feels more like 5 at the most.

I also own a G30 that has been modded with the 3.5 pound connector, smooth trigger and has had a trigger job.

Both guns are accurate and reliable. Both are very well made. The HK is considerably more expensive, especially with the night sights and LEM trigger module.

The HK is slightly smaller and, more importantly, slightly thinner than the G30. I've measured the width using dial calipers and it only measures approximately .25" narrower (IIRC). However, this small difference is actually a BIG difference when it comes to concealability and feel in the shooter's hand. On paper this should not make a difference, but subjectively it does.

This same small difference was really evident in the pictures in this thread concerning the G21. I also own a G21 and really like it, but it's HUGE. I mean b-i-g. Loaded with 14 rounds if you're using a high-cap mag, it's also heavy. On some shooters this difference is not a big issue, but I'm 5'10", 150#, so on me it is a drag.

Don't get me wrong: I like my Glocks and intend to keep both. However, my primary carry is a Commander sized 1911 or the HK compact .45. Glock owners, stand proud of your weapons as they are terrific. No complaints here except they are either too big or too fat for my particular carry tastes. The important thing is to carry what you're comfortable carrying!

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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