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G34 or G17

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After reading JD's thread it has got me wanting to shoot IDPA. I went to his link and found a club pretty close to me. I would rather shoot 9mm for the price. I have a GSSF certificate. Would you get the 34, 17
or other? I have a 23 now and have shoot the 17 but not the 34.

G34 - $481
G17 - $398
G17C - $422
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Well, are you thinking this might be a carry pistol as well? Personally, I don't see the need for the G34 and the ported barrel/slide. You can do a lot to the stock G17 for competition and put it back to stock in short order for carry. Could you carry the G34? Sure you could, but it was made for competition, and comes stock with a 3.5lb connector as well. Just some things to think about, and with the G17 purchase, it looks like you'll be able to save more for ammo.
I am going to carry the 23. This will just be for the range.
I ran across an excellent article on the Pros and Cons of the G34 at:
Glock 34 – Perfection? - Writer's Corner: General Non-Fiction -
I would get the G17... I would want to shoot something as close to my carry gun as possible or it kinda defeats the purpose.... if you want a 'race gun' then that's a different story... IMO..
I'd get the G17 and use the savings for ammo...
I like the .40 S&W so here is what I did.

My EDC is a G23 (Same size as a G19) and I wanted to get into shooting IDPA so I purchased a G22(Same size as a G17). I shot a friends G35 (Same size as a G34) and ended up buying one of those to shoot with.

Now I find the G22 is neither fish or fowl for me. It is bigger then the G23, my EDC, and shorter then the G35.

IF i was going to duty carry I would have chosen the G22 ( days long gone) but I find the G22 does not conceal as easy as the G23 and for me it doesn't
track the targets as good as the G35.

As I am new to IDPA, it is my understanding that you cannot use a compensated/ported barrel.
I use a G17 in IDPA and a G35 in USPSA Limited. Knowing what I know now, I would likely do a G22 with the same mods as my G35 in USPSA. I don't see an overwhelming advantage in the longer slide or barrel, and the G22 would exactly duplicate my carry gun (except for the magwell, trigger job, spring replacements, 20 round mags, and speed holster)...LOL.
i wish I still had my G17L without the rail. If I had known that every damn glock would come with a Barbie accessory package I would have kept the one I liked that DIDN'T have a rail.

My vote is for the 34
given range use and shootability.
As I am new to IDPA, it is my understanding that you cannot use a compensated/ported barrel.
Now that you mention it, I think that's right. 'Defensive Pistol' is the DP in IDPA. Not exactly sure what mods to stock pistols are and are not allowed. I took the RO training for USPSA and it's different.
If it is just going to be for IDPA and not a carry gun, then go ahead and get the 34. That is the most popular gun used in that sport.

On the other hand, if you want to use it for carry or duty or some other purpose, then go with the 17.
Go with the 34, It is more of a "competition" based gun.
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