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The Trijicon HD sights arrived late yesterday. Installed them and went off to the range with the Glock 42. Took a S&W M60 as well.

Been thinking one of the issues is too much detail in the rear sight combined with my older eyes. The Trijicon HD sights seemed like a plausable option.

Couldn't get on the steel range this morning due to club event but just as well. Needed to confirm the sight adjustment on paper.

First impression no significant difference from factory sights. But expected that indoors and that would be a good thing meaning no worse than the baseline sights. Orange front is easy to pickup. Maybe a bit wide. The sights are taller which "maybe" pushing the shots low.

First shots at 5 yards...
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Next tried some accuracy hits at 10 yards, one magazine. Mixed bag results. Need more range time with the sights but they have enough promise I ordered a set for the Glock 43 as well.

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Missing some revolver time so...11 of 15 shots on at 10 yards with the S&W M60, 38 Special rounds...
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Accuracy tests with the M60 at 10 yards. 20 shots total.
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Decided to skip 25 yards today. Fatigued and hungry.

Enjoying the G42 so far. Reliable. Pain free shooting which I have been missing. Not as easy to pocket carry but I like it.

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Glad to hear you like that G42. I did love mine the whole time I could shoot it! I keep hoping my granddaughter will get herself to a local indoor range and practice with it since she carries it every day when she goes out for her run. I did write an email to her encouraging her to do that, but I'm here and she is there so I can't do more than that.
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