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Galco Stinger holster review

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Well my Galco Stinger OWB holster came for my S&W 340 M&P and I have to say its a very nice holster for the $63 shipped it cost me. I got it from lightning arms sports and craig is an absoulute joy to speak with a real gentlemen. He spoke with me for nearly an hour telling me about the various belt holsters from galco and what he felt would meet my needs best with this gun.

This holster fits my gun perfectly but was very tight out of the package so I placed the unloaded gun in a plastic bag and left it in the holster over night. This did the trick it now fit snugly but draws smoothly and easily now.

This holster hold very close to the bodt and tucks the grip in close as well. Its a very stable holster and dosen't move or shift around on the belt at all,it makes my 340 M&P disappear under a Tshirt which is nice here in Florida.

This holster does everything I wanted in a belt holster for this gun its a minimunalist holster design,conceals very well,rides low and is nicely boned and molded to the gun for a mass produced leather holster. Overall I think any J-frame owner would be well served with this holster for concealed carry of these little revolvers.

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That's a good looking OWB holster!

I have the same S&W and have tried the Galco pancake style and didn't care for it. I may have to give this one a try! :wink:
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