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Georgia Arms Ammo

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Last spring I ordered 100 rounds of .45ACP from Georgia Arms, they were back ordered, and I forgot about it. Last week the order arrived in a box. In the box were 2 plastic bags of loose .45ACP. The bullets are marked from Winchester, Speer, CCI, I, PMR, etc. They look ok. I think they are reloaded at a factory.

I expected factory fresh ammo... not plastic bags of bullets. Are these safe? Has anyone used Georgia Arms reloaded ammunition, and if so are there issues?
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I am pretty sure ALL Georgia Arms ammo is reloaded. Check out their "About Us" page on their website here: About Us.

I have never used thier stuff but hear mostly favorable comments from those who have.
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I expected factory fresh ammo... not plastic bags of bullets. Are these safe? Has anyone used Georgia Arms reloaded ammunition, and if so are there issues?
I take it you didn't read the "about us" details on their web site. :)

"All Georgia Arms ammunition is loaded using the finest American made components on the most precise equipment available. It is double cleaned and must withstand 18 quality control inspections before acceptance, and made available to the public. All lots are test fired to ensure safety and reliability. While we strive to offer shooters affordable ammo, we refuse to sacrifice our quality for price. This is the same ammo used by some of the top amateur and professional shooters at many major matches. Our consistent quality keeps our shooters in the winner's circle and our customers coming back for more."

There are many commercial re-loaders and Georgia Arms is supposed to be one of the best ones, although I don't know that from personal experience.

Their cheapest range ammo is somewhat dirty, I have read.

In case you didn't know, the only part of a reloaded cartridge that isn't "factory new" is the case.
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Early this year, I ordered "Winchester factory loaded" for my 40S&W. I too was a little dismayed to see the plastic baggies. I sold some to a friend who shot his pistol at his ranch. He reported a "flubber" or a round that didn't make it to the target. He produced an intact FMJ bullet which he said he pulled out of the dirt. I will never again order from Georgia Arms.
I use Georgia Arms ammo and have for about 12 years. I mostly use their FMJ ammo for target practice but wouldn't hesitate to use any of their ammo. I've fired their .38Spcl, .40 S&W, 9mm and .45 ACP. I've never had any quality issues with their ammo.

Your ammo is safe!
GA Ammo

Thanks for the insights. Last spring I was looking everywhere for .45ACP without success. Not sure what caused me to look at Georgia Arms...could have been this site. Just don't recall much about the transaction.
I've used their rifle rounds with no problems and a fellow shooter has used their 45ACP with no problems. I would trust them above some of the "factory fresh" ammo manufacturers out there.
I always stop at their booth at the gun show and pick up something. Have shot several hundred rounds of 9mm FMJ, 4 different varieties of .357 all with zero problems. I trust them so far.
I use their 9mm and .45ACP FMJ ammo for the range with no problems.

To those who think GA ammo is only reloaded ammo, you are not quite correct. GA sells BOTH newly loaded and once-reloaded ammo. To get their new ammo, look for the word "New" in their description of the ammo. The once-reloaded ammo simply does not have that word in its description.

No on to cleaning my newest addition: a Sig P220 Carry. Later!
No problems here.
A little dirty as stated before.
I've fired several thousand .357 sig frag. stuff with no problem.
And a few hundred .38's with no problem.

I'll buy more when My calibers are on sale.:king:
I bought a fair amount of their ammo and built up a brass stockpile to start reloading myself, some years ago. I fired about 500 .45LC, 500 .38SPL, and 100 .45-70 with zero problems.
Component shortages and demand surges since Nov 08 have caused havoc throughout the ammo industry & shooting sports, so I personally would not rule out that Georgia Arms might run into some glitches because of that. Their website makes it obvious that production & shipping schedules have been severely dislocated. I still would feel fine using their NEW ammo for SD/HD, and their reloaded ammo for range use.
Above post makes sense, and I would give GA a chance with "new" ammo. But at the Suarez course I took, I had multiple feed failures with GA reload. So, I certainly would not carry them for personal defense. The instructor said that my ejector may be wearing down.
Another thing was that at least two of the cartridges had the bullet down pretty far into the casing. A cop taking the course said that that configuration is especially dangerous for extra high pressure - beyond +P. I don't know if I fired others that I didn't catch, but it's worth spot checking your "ammo in a bag".
If you look carefully on their website, they do make ammo using new brass, and it is labeled as "New". Naturally, it costs a little more; otherwise, they use fired brass.
I shot 500 rounds of cowboy loads in .38 special and I think I had two mis-fires out of the entire 500 rounds. I loved it, although it seemed to be a tad bit dirty shooting. Got mine in a GI can so I didn't have any plastic bags.
never a problem from GA Arms in the last 8-9 years--fired 9mm, .40, .223....great ammo
I have one of the 1000 round canned heat orders.

Works just fine. I'll order more when their price drops.
I wonder, people complain the ammo is a little "dirty" do you clean your guns? :hand5:

Gets that pesky residue right off. I'm kidding of course but I never really worry about an ammo being dirty if it's priced right. WWB at Wal Mart is not the cleanest stuff but it's not the most expensive option either for factory ammo. Just an example.
I have a can of their 500 round "canned heat" 9mm FMJ ammo. Have used about 200 rounds so far without an issue. I clean my guns after each range visit, so "dirty" ammo is no issue for me.
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