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Get Angry With Good Reason

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Check THIS link out. It is a link to a Jihadi Website called Humiliate America and some of the numerous views expressed will make your blood BOIL. Next time some liberal weenie starts moaning about the war in Iraq or Abu Grahib (prison scandal--can't spell it) or some other thing whiny liberals cry them THIS. The good thing is that you can respond to these A$$H**** in kind and do it without signing in. At least I think so. Seems like a bunch of real Americans have done so. It's a REALLY good view deep into the minds of the enemy. Remember your Sun Tzu: If you KNOW your enemy and you KNOW yourself, you will be 100% victorious.

Surf around the site. Remember what you learn. Pass this along.
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I'm hoping the Israelis will prevent such an accident. Wouldn't it be shame if the Iranian nuclear "power" facilities should suddenly be levelled? I have a feeling the IDF won't let the Iranians get their hands on the big boys toys.

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The Iranians won't be as easy to knock off as the reactor in Iraq. Our intel suggests the Iranian program is in diverse hidden and hardened targets which would require an invasiuon on the ground PLUS airpower to knock out. Israel INVADE Iran? It would mean total war, not something we SUV owners like too much!
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