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Glock 22

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i was thinking of getting this gun after getting the LCP.....any comments on the 22?
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I personally dont care for the .40. But there is nothing really wrong with it.

I think you will be served well by the G22.:danceban:
I see you have the pt111.

I would have to suggest a G17. Exact same size as the G22, and you consolidate calibers. :yup:

2 guns in the same caliber. Something to think about?
I heard there are one or two cops that carry one. :wink:

If you like Glocks and you like the .40, you'll probably like the G22 just fine. I liked both of mine and would buy another if I was in the market for a full size .40.
thanks for the comments guys...what does the 17 look like?..kinda like the 22?
thanks for the comments guys...what does the 17 look like?..kinda like the 22?
Exactly like the 22. Same size. Uses the same frame as a matter of fact.
Have you thought about the G23, same size as a G19. It would be easier to conceal.
I would go for the g23
Since moving onto the compact models for EDC, I tend to think the G17/22 is a large pistol. I traded my G22 for a G23 and very happy about it. I also tend to think the Glock shows it's best in the 40S&W caliber.
I love my Glocks, but I do not prefer the .40...either 9mm or .45, OMO. Like RamRod above, I'd agree on the smaller Glock...once you figure out the caliber you want.:image035:
I have a G22 as a EDC weapon, I love the thing and I have over 10,000 rounds through mine.

I actually was using it for IPSC shoots for a couple of years before I jumped to a Para P16-40.
G23 here! I second Ram Rods post. Great match up of platform and round. Win win IMO. :hand10:
I EDC a 23. Excellent size/capacity. The 17/22/31 are all excatly the same except caliber. The 19/23/32 are all the same excpet caliber. 9mm, 40, 357 respectively. The 19/23 platform is an excellent choice for CCW. I love mine. With proper clothing /holster/belt and if you are not super tiny/skinny a 22 can be done. Overall though I think the 19/23 would be a much better choice. and you can always get a few extra 17/22 mags for higher capacity on reloads.
The 22 is a fine weapon. It is not difficult to conceal. I used to conceal a 17 with no problem. However, the 19/23 (compact) is easier to conceal and the 26/27 (sub-compact) is even easier to conceal.

All of them are gret shooters. The 23 is a great balance of size and caliber.

Good luck in your decision.
I've had a Glock 22 for 15 years. It has been 100% reliable the entire time I've had it. I have carried it concealed many times and I enjoy shooting it, though not as much as I enjoy shooting my 1911 or my Ruger 9mm. Truth be told, I wish I had picked up a G19 instead. I suppose I still could...
I have a 19....and a 26.......for EDC (concealed) the compact frames in 9 or 40 are just Iwold recommend like others have to try the 23 or 19.....and you can always use the bigger mags for range etc.
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