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Glock 26 for carry in pocket holster?

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Dear Folks,

I was wondering if there would be much felt difference in carrying a Glock 26 in a front pants pocket holster vs. a Kahr CM 9 in same? Assuming large pockets (such as in cargo pants or shorts) would the Glock 26 carry well? I have a Superfly holster for pocket carry of my Kahr and it does well. But Kahr is just not as reliable as a Glock. (I know I should go to the local gun store and try it but thought i would pick the brain of the good folks of this forum). Any thoughts are appreciated. Any special holsters/modifications to make the Glock carry in a pocket a more pleasant experience?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I've carried a G26 and a G36 in Cargo shorts. Easily. Croft and Barrow Cargo shorts. It works well.

Welcome, too. :yup:
I carry a G26 and a PM9 (at different times). You have to have huge pockets to accomodate a G26 with a holster. I bought the PM9 precisely because the G26 is not really a pocket gun. I carry the PM9 in a Sticky Holster in my 5.11 TacLite pants when I absolutely have to tuck in a shirt. Otherwise, it's the G26 in a Raven Concealment or G30SF in a Crown, both OWB.
Bit heavy and a bit large, but large pockets might work. Really really large pockets. Personally I would stick to IWB
I wouldn't carry my G26 in a pocket. I think it's too heavy and bulky for that; much better carried in an IWB holster.

But THEN, if I'm going to carry with an IWB holster, I'd much prefer to carry my G19 or G30 instead, just as easily.

So... yep, my G26 got passed along to become my wife's purse gun.

If you really must carry in a pocket, consider a gun like the P938 or PM9. While the G26 could be carried in some pockets by some people, I sure don't think it's a good choice for pocket carry.
I front pocket carry my 26 in a Nemesis around the house for convenience...the weight doesn't bother me but its not really concealable in most pants- with the right pants I could see it possible but not ideal
I find it a bit large and heavy for pocket carry. Even with a large cargo pocket it will look like your carrying a brick. You need a single stack weapon for pocket carry, LC9 or smaller IMO. A G26 works better IWB or OWB with a shirt not tucked.
I'm a big guy with big pockets and carry a G26 every day. it'll carry in a front pocket but I don't know if I'd say it would "carry well" there. with the added bulk of a holster, it's too big IMO for front pocket. and the tighter you cram stuff in there the worse an already bad draw from that pocket gets.

I've got a friend that front pockets his RAMI every day though without complaint so I'm sure some people do it "well" with the G26.
I have pocket carried a G27 in a "MIC" holster with a Polo style shirt covering about half the front pocket of cargo shorts. It works very well for me.
I have in my heavy Carhartts coat. I wear western cut jeans so there's not much room.
I use a pocket holster for my car console or night stand.

In God and Glock we Trust
Kinda on topic. Is a g26 worth getting if I already have a M&P 9c?

Also I am not getting rid of my M&P lol...
Kinda on topic. Is a g26 worth getting if I already have a M&P 9c?

Also I am not getting rid of my M&P lol...
more guns is better than less guns. however, I doubt you'd switch your carry if one is already working for you. unless your M&P has that ridiculous thumb safety. (my opinion of course)
Kinda on topic. Is a g26 worth getting if I already have a M&P 9c?

Also I am not getting rid of my M&P lol...
I would say no. I had both and got rid of one. They are very similar.

You can carry a glock 26 in the right pocket no problem, I've done it along with a M&P9c. Before the mini 9's now available the 26 was considered a pocket gun. Having said that, the thiner lighter 9's would be easier.
Yeah. I need to look into the g26 some more, the sub compact...not sure if it's really much smaller than my 9c.

I'm looking for something smaller to carry, but not a .380 or something like that... either stick with 9mm, or an XDs 45... or the XDs 9mm when it comes out. Also the shield 9mm or 40 is something I want.

But I did want to try a glock myself.
Go down grab a glock 26 and find out. Only way to know. For me?? Heck no its not a pocket pistol. If your kahrs not reliable use a better class of ammo or a different bullet weight and make. Add something to the grip to help you hold on to it. Most problems with smaller pistols is ammo or shooter related. I have a carried a cm9 for a few years now. Not a single problem.
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I used to pocket carry a G27 but only in carpenter jeans or corduroys. Those have large pockets. Regular jeans forget it. Now I either carry a smith 642 or a kel Tec pf9.
I have carried a G26 in my pocket while on duty as a back-up, and also in dockers (they have big pockets). While do-able, the G26 is heavy to carry that way every day.

I also have a PM9. It is also a bit on the heavy side, and mine has not been entirely reliable.

Based on all that, my pocket guns are a pair of LCPs, and a LCR (for larger pockets).
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