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Glock 26 or MP.40C

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Need advice which one to purchase. I know this is not the same caliber but a friend is selling and have a choice to either the g26 gen3 or mp.40c he is selling for the same priceI had gripped both and both felt good. Pros and cons?
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You probably can't make a bad choice here. I run a Glock 27 and a M&P 40 VTAC. Pick the one you like the best. You have to favor one over the other.....even if it's just a little bit.
I would pick the Glock 26. FWIW I've carried a Glock 27 for ~18yrs when they first came out. Finding I shoot better with the 45 and 9mm now. Old age I guess?? But if I were U I would shoot both of them then pick
I would buy the G26. I'm personally not a fan of .40's, especially in subcompacts. The 26 will be cheaper to shoot and more than likely easier to control for you.
I have a Glock 27, absolutely love that gun. Haven't really loved any Glock as much as this one.
g26 very reliable and accurate, easy to shoot, and more of a variety of 9mm ammo and accessories to choose from.

But you can't go wrong with either one.

Shoot both and pick the one that feels best too you.
I'd go M&P40c simply for the fact that 40 ammo is easier to find than 9mm. If that is not the case where you live, the G26 is a good choice as well and slightly more concealable than the M&P.
If the present "madness" re. guns and ammo continues, I'd go with the Glock. I say this because, in my LGS, there are plenty of Glock mags available; the other brands, not so much. But shoot the .40 cal. first, if you can, because .40 is not like shooting a 9mm! Good luck; both are great guns.:yup:
Get the Glock 26. I have a Glock 23 and 22 and the 26 is the most accurate of the three. I also love my XDs .45, but if I had to I've up all my guns and could keep just one, it would be my G26.

Good luck!
My EDC is the M&P 40c. Great gun. BTW, it is easily converted to 9mm (and .357 sig) with either an aftermarket or S&W barrel.
My EDC is a G26 that I've owned for probably 15 years. Excellent gun that I've never had an issue with and very concealable.
Then M&Pc fit my hand much better than any Glock. And as far as accuracy goes it is as good as they get. However they both have their advantages (I think...). Find the one you like best and shoot best and go with it. Neither is a bad choice but for me it was the M&Pc hands down.
Wow - it's kind of a wash between the two with respect to size & weigh isn't it. Moreover, because both fit your hand...

Both guns have good reputation's, but the Glock has a stronger product model history by far. The 26 has been around forever. And because of that history, that is where things change a bit. They both have aftermarkets, but Glock's aftermarket for accessory's is not only impressive, it's readily available. I mean, you can increase the Glocks firepower incredibly easily with a easy-to-get 33 round mag!

Of course if aftermarket "toys" are of no concern, then I guess the rail on the Smith is a wash too.

Ultimately I would pick the Glock.
Thank you guys for the input. Shot both of them today and I convince my friend or took backwoodz advice and i purchased both.
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What I like about Glock is their trigger reset and that their magazines are so interchangeable. I not that much of a fan of how the gun feels in MY hand. I have never shot the M&P, but would like to try one out too someday. I would ask your friend if you can take them both and tryout on the range.
What a great choice.
Thank you guys for the input. Shot both of them today and I convince my friend or took backwoodz advice and i purchased both.
I think both was the best decision... Can't get better than that
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Good job. You can't go wrong. I personally went with a Gen 4 Model 26 after about a dozen Glocks and many pocket pistols of .380 and 9mm caliber. The reason the G26 is perhaps the most accurate 9mm in the Glock lineup has something to do with relative barrel stiffness in its length and the fact that the barrel doesn't unlock and begin to move until AFTER the slug has left the end of the muzzle. Many (most?) people report that they are more accurate with a G26 than other, larger 9mm Glocks.
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