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Glock 29 Gen 4 Range Report

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So I got to the range this morning(Teds out here in the east valley) and cranked off 250 CCI 200g blazers.. How did she do? Flawless and a better shot than me...:aargh4:

I wanted to give a quick report because I really believe the 29(gen 4) to be every bit of her older sisters if not a little better..(I like the new grips) No shells to the face and perfect function every time.. Glock may have had a bump in the road but they have earned my respect back and I trust this little .10 with my life.. I will buy gen 4's from here on out....

Take Care!!
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@zonker... Abi mag capability, springs, grip texture, changeable backs traps, angle, [email protected] 2201...Not bad at all, as KMA said these loads(1050fps, 490ME) would be considered HOT .40 cal. I had no trouble at all coming from a .45 sig and this baby was more accurate in my hands. The sig just never did it for me..

When I got home my pinkey extensions were in the mail and that's going to help control her a little more as I crank up the juice.:danceban: That's what I truly love about this gun and caliber. I can go from HOT .40's all the way up to a true outdoor piece. I load it with 180 XTP from Horandy for EDC and Underwood 180 for outdoor work. I really don't worry about it "hurting" with the big boy rounds as if I need them I would not notice at all.. As far as I am concerned its the perfect gun and to make it even more fun, I can drop in a .40 or .357 sig..

Love it.l
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