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Glock 45GAP

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I picked up a Glock model 37 in 45GAP recently and went to the range the other day. I have to say this is the sweetest shooting pistol I have ever shot. Points well for me, low recoil and just feels right. I know lots of people don't see the need for the Gap caliber but for my needs it is wonderful. Just wanted to share the joy.
Mike :smile:
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Trying new things

The current issue of Handguns Magazine has a good report on the Glock 38 in .45 GAP. The cartridge seems to have potential. I have been concentrating on proficiency with the .40 S&W, so I'm not a good judge of the .45 ACP vs .45 GAP. However, new products and trying new ideas is always good to my way of thinking. Enjoy the new aquisition and shoot safe.
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