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Glock question

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Hopefully this is correct forum. If not, let me know and I will take down and repost. In general, wanted to know what the thoughts were on a Glock 35 made in 2000. It has a laser and extended barrel (7/8 inch), .40 caliber. It was a service pistol for LEO. Lots of rounds through it. Definitely some holster wear. This would just be for an addition to my collection. I currently use an HK45 so it's obviously not a replacement. Pros/Cons?

Wanted to know if it was a worthy add or if I should put money elsewhere.

Officer wants $500 for it.

Just to expand my knowledge, what guns during that year range would be worth looking out for collector purposes?
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500 is to high. i bought a used glock 21 gen 3, only 4 years old for $380 3 weeks ago. i would pay 350 400 tops if i were you. or wait to find a newer one thats almost retail for a new glock gen 3 or 4
What kind of laser? As in money wise it might be worth it ....
It doesn't sound like a bad deal. Most 34/35 pistols go for a little more than regular Glocks. The laser is also a nice added feature. If you are concerned about the age, you can have Glock replace the frame for a fee. Not sure how much they charge though.
G35 was not a service pistol with a extended after market barrel and a lazer. Some cops match gun maybe. It does come with the stock barrel too ??? How many mags with it . Price with aftermarket and stock barrel would be ok. But with out it. What happened to the stock barrel for it be misssing. Shot out?? 100,000 rounds retired match pistol, walk way. Probably a retired match pistol doing house duty. The lazer to me would be a freebe. Does not matter .
Hardluk, you are right, I believe. this was used as a match gun and I believe that you are right to suggest that I walk away.
I don't think the price is out of line for a third gen G35 but I wouldn't want the extended barrel and the laser would be a giveaway, not a pay for, item. If you could get the original barrel and a couple of mags, it wouldn't be a bad price (assuming the gun functions well and appears to be well taken care of).
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