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I'm switching from Springfield XD to Glock. While the search for new IWB continues, I'm set on using the Serpa CQC holsters for OWB carry.

One thing I don't like about Blackhawk is their website is not the most informative. When I bought the one for my XD pistols, the one designed for the "Subcompact" model is designed to be "slide" so the longer models will fit in the shorter holster. I bought a Serpa for my G20 when I got that, and it seems to have a little different design. Rather than being completely straight walled on the inside like the one for my XD, it looks to be beveled in a little bit. Since the G20 is destined for a LWD longslide eventually, I think I'll have to sand that out a little.

Which leads to my question. I just bought myself a g27 as a replacement for my XD Subcompact, and plan on getting a g22, and probably (just because I'm neurotic like that) eventually a g23 as well. I don't want to buy different OWB holsters for each one, so what I would like to know is: will the g23 holster fit all three?
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