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Glow-On affiliate program is on

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This is a "Set it and forget it" affiliate program.
All you have to do is go the link below and follow the instructions; That's it.
This is basically free money. You don't need to purchase anything, just use the links and banners or photos provided.
The wide use of links on different social networks, websites, etc. as well as links on emails and forum posts is important for a successful affiliate account.
Once you set those links they'll work for you.

One dollar out of a ten dollars purchase might not seem big in the beginning. But, given time it becomes one hundred dollars out of one thousand, and so forth.
A wide spread presence will increase everyone's chances to make money. Basically for free!

How does it work?
First register and after access has been granted, just copy and paste the link to your website, blog, forums, emails, etc. and earn money.
This links will send possible buyers to our Purchase page.
When a visitor to your website uses the link, a cookie gets installed automatically on his/her browser which will last for 6 months and it will track for the life of the cookie, every effective purchase made during that period.
Every effective purchase will register the percentage earned into to your account.
You can check periodically in your account if your links are working so you can fine tune your strategy.
Earnings will be paid the during the first two weeks of the following month via PayPal.
Visits with no purchase don't earn anything.

What are your earnings?
For each single 2.3 ml Glow-On Original vial sold to people who used your links will earn you 10%.
For every other product sold to people who used your links, 5% is earned.
Shipping and Handling are not included in the percentage.

Click here to register in our affiliate program:

Affiliate Program

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Free money with Glow-On

Free money!
don't have to ship, handle, store anything!

We take care of everything

Just register, get your links.
Spread the news about this enhancement which is affordable and easy to use.

Get your links and use them on emails, blogs, forum posts, social media like Facebook, twitter, etc.

We sell here:

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