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Oooooh my momma's angry. Having spent a long day at work, she just got home from a church meeting for an adult women's group. Basically it's a loose association of women whose children are all grown and out of the house. Once my sister transfers schools in a few months, that'll be her.

Anyway one of them started going on and on about how awful it was people "in this state" can carry one of those barbaric handguns. And they all chirped in. They were going on and on about how people were just dying in Texas left and right because everyone was getting blown away by concealed handguns.

Now understand my mom isn't an anti gun person, but she's not a gunnie either. Due to her arthritis her interest is very low.

She went off. "Well my oldest son carries a concealed handgun and he lives in the <Large Town> area and I'm glad he does. I sleep better at night knowing he's not going to get robbed or killed or hurt by some crazy, and he's never killed anyone in his life..."

I'd rather have had her hold her tongue about me being a CCW licensee, but man she was TOed. They all shut up instantly.

What's funny is I know who these people are. One of their husbands I personally know carries a Ruger pistol without a carry permit and he's a prominent citizen. Another one of their husbands is the biggest 1911 snob you have ever seen. This guy has got about a half dozen race guns costing thousands of dollars each.

I wonder if they're going to go "blow someone away" too. Yeah that's what people do with $4000 race guns. They shoot people with them. Yep that's it. Sheesh.

But go mom! She's still mad. She's so mad she had to call someone and yell about it because Dad's out of town tonight.
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