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What is you go to Defensive ammunition?

I would love to see your go to's and get a great discussion going!

When I need some more defensive ammunition, I take about 30 minutes and reload some.

My "go to defensive ammunition" is a 135 grain Gold Dot Short Barrel bullet sitting on top of 9.6 grains of Power Pistol. This gives me a velocity average of 1167 out of my SP101.

I'm not scared to use home made bullets for self defensive applications. I've never heard of anyone going to prison for doing so, for a good (justified) shoot.

Besides, there is about a 98.9 % chance I'll never shoot anything but paper targets with them anyway. At around 21 cents a piece to build, I also use them for practice. I never have to wonder/worry if I have my practice ammo or my defensive ammo loaded in my revolvers.


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