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God, Guns, & Rock 'n' Roll

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By the Whack Master Himself Ted Nugent

5 :toilet:

If you like him or if ya dont you cant deny that Ted has done a lot for hunters, gun rights, Lot of Charites for kids and funneled a lot of money into Michigan.

This Book was a great read i bet i read in in 6 hours maybe.

The Book starts off fast with Ted who is a Special Deputy in genesse county Jumping out of a cab to help a off duty plaincloths police officer ..

it just keep going from there and never really slows down, Teds way of writeing flows and is quick you can tell Ted really means what he says and feels it.

Ted gets really into family and discuss's hunting with the kids his hunt and everything you can think of the all american type family he goes into music soemwhat but whats really surprising is the other Rockers who are into guns..

Namely Joe Perry and Steven Tyler From Aerosmith Also they like full auto how about that?

Also Ted pour's on a beating on the Anti's and media

i dont want to tell ya too much if ya want to read the book..

If you are Pro Gun, Even if your not Pro Hunting you will like this book

Espically with chapters like " Wanna go to a guna nd Knife show? I'll open my jacket"
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Sounds like a good read Bud - could well have to add that to my next Amazon visit!

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I have to agree this is a very good read. Not only for a gunner but a person that want to live good. Another point that I think was missed when mentioned earlier about it being an easy read. It's written for people with ADHD(like me) that makes less likely to get bored with it.

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