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Going to handgun training with my wife tomorrow!!

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This is an awesome turn of events!!! Three years ago my wife didn't want anything to do with handguns. She didn't want to learn how to shot mine for a just in case. I posted a bit ago about giving her a gun. I finally got her out shooting and she is hooked. Looking forward to the class tomorrow. She has been talking about new pistol safes with biometrics for quick access and not code for the kids to hack. She has made me a very happy husband!!
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Gotta love getting new shooters on board. It surprises a lot of them when they get the hang of it to find out that it's a lot of fun. Congrats and have a great time.
Not to hijack the thread, but check the biometric safes out carefully. Some work way better than others, meaning some open when you need them to while some others won't. You might be better off getting the old-fashioned kind. JMHO.

Back on topic, enjoy yourselves. Be ready for some ribbing if your better half outshoots you.
That's pretty dicey teaching the wife to shoot. Many a husband has been killed by a well placed shot from an angry wife. Usually over some trivial thing such as taking out the trash or putting the seat back down. :smile:
That's wonderful. Life can be really fun when you have common interests and hobbies with your wife or husband.
Stating the obvious but maybe one of your worries just got a little smaller now that she can protect herself and the kids. :35:
She is now officially a keeper! I got my wife accustomed to shooting and guns a long while back. If only I could get her to wear RemOil or Break Free as perfume she would be near perfect!!:smile:
Thanks, she is actually quite a good shot!! That was her first time ever shooting any type of firearm and with only 12 shots with my .22 revolver and two magazines through her .380 she put four center chest and two center head. She is giving me a run for my money. A little more pratice and she propably will be out shooting me. I'll have to check the review on the bio safes closely.
Good to hear..:congrats:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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