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Delegate Cole's restaurant ban repeal, HB 2424, passed out of subcommittee 3 to 1! One representative of the restaurant association said that permit
holders had shot people in bars recently and then listed two cases - one
where an illegal alien killed a police officer in Tidewater and another
where a drunken DEA agent got into shoot-out - which had NOTHING to do with permit holders! Fortunately, the committee saw right through that argument. The subcommittee asked tough questions and the other side came up wanting.

Delegate Athey's "Second Amendment restoration bill," HB 2327, which allows
concealed carry without permits, passed out of subcommittee 3 to 1!

Delegate Wright's bill that requires a sheriff or chief of police or
Commonwealth Attorney to submit a reason why a permit holder is to be denied a permit, HB 2928, passed out of subcommittee unanimously. The bill was modified to fix some concerns that caused the Senate Courts of Justice
committee to kill the matching bill this morning that Senator Cuccinelli was
carrying. Hopefully this bill will now pass the Senate if it gets over there.

Delegate Cline's HB 2935, which would get rid of the Capitol Gun Ban, was
passed out of subcommittee 3 to 1!

Delegate Abbitt's HB 2195, which would simplify paperwork for permit holders
when purchasing a gun, was rolled into HB 2913, Delegate McDonnell's bill
that also simplifies paper work. The full committee will consider final
disposition of this bill, as the subcommittee lost its quorum when this, the
last bill to be considered, came up.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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