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Before reporting, research the facts on gun stats -

Before reporting, research the facts on gun stats

Re: "Getting permit was the easy part," Aug. 30 column:

Dan Casey's recent articles are consistent with current journalistic standards of the news media. He has spent his time and effort to tell us his opinion of what is wrong with the current process for obtaining a concealed carry permit. Now, if he were in the business world, his bosses would point out the basic error in his work.

The first thing you do when you think there may be a problem with a process or procedure is to verify that a real problem exists. In this case, you would need to see if the data show that the holders of a CCP commit a higher percentage of the gun crimes than the general population. I can find no data that indicates that Virginia CCP holders are a problem.

Casey should check the records of The Times and tell us what percentage of the local Timesland gun crimes were committed by holders of a CCP verses the population in general. Then we would know if there is a real problem, or if all Casey's work is to reinforce The Times' well-known position on gun owner rights. In other words, are the articles investigative journalism or just propaganda?

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