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Good OWB holster for Ruger GP100 3-inch?

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Like the title says....

The old carry holster for the GP100 is getting worn out, plus I really don't want another nylon "bag" to carry it in.

So what I'm looking for is:

1. Fairly cheap. I don't mean junk, but I don't regularly carry this one anymore. Still, it deserves a decent holster. I'm not spending a fortune on it. Which brings me to.....

2. Available now. Not only is it not worth a fortune to me, it's also not worth waiting months or years to get one made from the skin of the last known dodo bird or whatever. I just want to go online and get it.

3. I prefer leather but won't balk at kydex, as long as it's sturdy.


EDIT: I'm looking to stay in the $40-$50 range, tops, if possible.
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I've offered this reference on a couple of occasions...
I have a Galco Combat Master that I picked up for my S&W 686+ and after I got home with it I discovered that the GP100 fits in it easily. After I picked up the S&W Model 29 a couple months later I found out that one fits it too.
Galco lists it as $79.99 on the website but I paid $69.99 for mine.
Here is a link:
Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters
I've offered this reference on a couple of occasions...
You are obviously a cultured gentleman of discerning taste retsup99.
+1 on FIST.
For that I would look at a SimplyRugged holster...Rob makes some nice ones and his prices are great and the turnaround time is awesome too... Robbie
Check out Don Hume
FIST #7 in Med Brown, Ruger Speed Six 2.75; the predecessor to the GP line.

+1 for FIST.
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I appreciate the responses, but if you'll go back to my original post, I want something that's available NOW. I don't need anything fancy; leather, kydex, nylon, I don't care, but I want a better fit than the horrible nylon "one size fits all AMBIDEXTROUS BAG" I picked up at the gun show a couple of years ago.

Nylon is perfectly fine, In fact, I want utility more than anything so if I decide to toss it on while out fishing from a muddy bank somewhere, I don't have to worry that I'm getting a "piece of art" dirty.

I like the Blackhawk nylons, but they don't have my size.
At this point in time I like the Fist #12 better overall than any revolver holster I have. I have not seen the #7 Dropped Front, but it looks good too.
For price, quality, and delivery times I don't think you can beat Fist for revolvers.

Good luck finding anything "now" for your 3" GP100. I played that game and ended up making my own.

Aside from that, Fist or Simply Rugged will be your best bet with reported wait times ranging from two to six weeks. Don Hume might make something for the 3-incher, but I waited 6 or 8 weeks for the last holster I got from them (and that was for a common-as-dirt Glock). You can check out JW O'Rourke and see if he's got something for you. No clue what kind of wait he has, but his site says he sometimes has stuff in stock.

Edit: If you're not opposed to Ebay, here's a Desantis Speed Scabbard for the 3" 586/686/GP100, but it's a few dollars out of your price range.
I am totally satisfied with my FIST OWB for the Ruger GP100 and also my Blackhawk.
I have a DeSantis for my 3" GP-100 and it is a well made holster...except for the fact the holster is for a 4" gun. I bought mine at a gun show in Houston TX. If I could have found a Don Hume that's what it would be riding in. There is a guy that shows up at the Houston Gunshows that carries the full line of Don Hume holsters & belts for reasonable prices.

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