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A video I would suggest for anyone that carries for protetcion is \"Deadly Effetcs\" with Dr. Fackler of the Army\'s wound ballistics laboratory. This video goes into great detail about what happens when a bullet hits a human body, and more importantly, what dozens\'t happen, example there is no guaranteed \"one shot stop\". If you are forced to perforate some BG numerous times some ignorant (zealous anti-gun) prosecutor is libel to file manslaughter charges because the 2,3,4 etc holes in him shows excessive force and an intent to kill.

As explained to me by both LEO and prosecutor buddies back in Indiana, only what you know at the time of the shooting can be entered into evidence for your defense. If it turns out after the fact the BG was wanted for child rape/murder in 5 states, this information does you no good. If the BG is known to you as a violent, dangerous person this can be used to justify your actions.

So if you can prove that you knew before hand that you know the limitations of handgun bullets, and the unlikelihood of one shot being able to stop an attack, this can be used for your defense. Along with owning this tape I can call as witnesses LEOs to testify I have viewed police training tapes including an FBI agent who loaned me the official recreation of the Miami shootout and the conclusions concerning the effetciveness of handguns in stopping the BGs.

As well as being \"insurance\" it is important to know what to expetc if you are ever in a situation, not really a \"how to\" type video for shooting, but important information to have.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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