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So, I purchased a Ranger model holster from Versacarry; I had ordered a couple of their products in the past and a belt, all of which I was happy with.

This one not so much. The product is well made, but the disclaimer that came with it, and the holster that arrived was a deal breaker.

You see, their disclaimer out of the box is that this holster, where 1911s are concerned are "not designed for cocked and locked carry." Well, when buying the holster had the disclaimer been there prior to ordering, no problemo. I would have passed on it, and ordered one that did.

So, ok honest mistake time for a return. Of course I pointed out the misleading nomenclature when ordering and said I'd like my money back. The answer I got said sure, but you pay return shipping.

I said never mind. There are plenty of other holster makers serving the gun bidness that own up to their mistakes and wouldn't do that. I'll spend my money with them.

So, 1911 owners, be advised that the Versacarry Ranger is not designed for cocked and locked carry.


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I'm assuming they say it's not designed for cocked and locked carry cause it don't have a thumb break?.
The 1911 didn't have a thumb safety in its first design but only the grip safety, the grip safety was good enought to not need any other there safety, the Calvert I believe insisted it have the thumb safety.
I'm not telling you to used a holster in a way the builder doesn't recommend but a holster with or without a thumb break shouldn't have a thing to do with it working with a 1911 cocked and locked.
Now if the gun could fall out I f the holster it could be a bigger concern but I believe carrying a 1911 cambered with the hammer down is dangerous in dropped.
I would ask what makes the holster not for use with a cocked and locked gun.
I also agree that it should be stated it's meant for a non locked and cocked gun.
Sorry you had a bad experience with them.

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