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Got it!!

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I am happy to say that I just finished up at the gun board meeting... AND I JUST GOT MY CPL!!
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If you haven't already, don't forget required reading: "In The Gravest Extreme". Train, practice & carry!
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Well done! The more good guys carrying (and voting) the better!
Congrats and remember, always carry and never tell.
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Congratulations! Let us know how the Wally Walk goes!
Well done, very nice! :35: Congrats!
Welcome to the fold. I feel safer already.

Find classes, take them. I don't have that option so I go to secluded places and practice aiming from cover and I also practice H/D tactics at home. I hope to never have to use anything I have learned.
Congratulations! Thank you for being a truly patriotic and civil minded person. We need more good news like this these days.
Good job Summer Joy, Just curious about why you were at the gun board?
Good job Summer Joy, Just curious about why you were at the gun board?
Our county in Michigan requires you to attend the monthly gun board meeting before you get your CPL. They just want to make sure you're not a crazy! Lol
They have you sign in, they review basic carrying info, people can ask questions, then they have you come to the front and swear that everything on your application was true, if either you or them have questions then ask, they give you the CPL, and you have to walk across the hall to get it laminated.
Congrats. Now get on out there and carry on.
Congratulations and from now on carry everywhere you are legally able to so.
Congrats on your permit. Now get out there and do your Wally World Walk!!
Congratulations, glad to know Michigan just got a little safer for you!
My county also requires a gun board review.
Congrats and remember, always carry and never tell.
Too Late!
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