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Got my first stripped lower......

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6 months ago I ordered a stripped lower..........its finally shipping :)
I got a Tactical Machining lower receiver from Brownells for 80 bucks......

Seemed at the time a good deal,anyways now I need to build up my rifle with a parts to finish the lower
and then shop for an upper....First timer,looking for recommendation on what to buy to complete my AR15
I dont want the cheapest stuff but not the most expensive either

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Use quality lower parts. I prefer Colt (G&R Tactical, Specialized Armament) but BCM's is quality as well. G&R Tactical has one they make from a couple different quality manufacturers. Those are really the only three I'd use. LWRC is supposed to have a decent one but my experience with them has been less than stellar in the past.

Stay away from DPMS, Rock River (especially their two stage trigger), etc. I wouldn't use the Stag kit either but it's likely better than the DPMS kit.

As far as other components, the only other triggers I'd use would be the Geissele SSA or similar offering from them or their ALG triggers. Wilson's TTU is solid, but I don't have any time with them. I would not use any competition triggers like Timney.

Battle Arms Development offers a great selector. It's an Ambi selector, by I use them because they are so precise and very secure and "snappy" in operation. If you should ever decide to buy one, mention me when ordering and Roger will hook you up. I use their 90 degree CASS-3p selectors with a standard left side lever and thin right side lever.

When installing the bolt catch, watch some videos first. Using the wrong tools will scratch your lower. When installing the trigger guard, support the trigger guard ears of the lower. I can't stress these two things enough, especially the trigger guard. There's enough pics of them broken off to show what can go wrong.
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Can't agree more with the above post from jonconsiglio.....
I've build several. The Only problem Ive has is is once you build one you will build another and another and...

As for advise on componets to use. Do what you can afford. You don't need custom top knotch parts to make a working rifle.
Heck I sold one of mine last year for $1200. I had only $600 in it when I built it just before Obama was re-
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