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Got my rafters IWB today

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Well it came today in only 2 days to,I posted some pics of me wearing it and with the gun in it. This holster is great very,very good workmanship and it carrys and conceals great. It sits low inside the waistband and is rock solid that T shirt and those jeans were all I needed today to conceal a fullsize all steel colt 1911. I even called rafters to tell them what a fine product they make. So heres some pics and I would recommend thair belts and holsters to anyone they are as good as any of the other custom stuff IMO. BTW how do I resize the pics? it won't let me post them?
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Hey 1911,

Do you know how I could get a hold of Rafters and see some of their options? I appreciate it.
Cougartxn heres thair website I have one of thair IWB rigs and belts for my 1911 and I have to say thait stuff is top notch in everyway. It makes my fullsize 5" 1911 disappear and carrys this all steel 40oz pistol effortlessly. Give them a call they are great to deal with and you won't be sorry.
I appreciate you getting that for me. I'll have a look over it. Thanx -Coug
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