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Governor to Sign Alabama Castle Bill Tuesday morning

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Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama visited our little town today and I had an opportunity to speak with him for several minutes. One of the questions I asked him was, "When are you going to sign the 'Castle Bill.'" His response was, "I believe it's tomorrow. Yes, that's right it will be tomorrow morning." :danceban:

So after tomorrow morning when the Governor signs the bill we have to wait only until June 1, 2006 for the law to take effect. The law removes the requirement to retreat and protects someone who uses a firearm in a legal defensive manner from being sued. Anyone interested in reading the bill can do so at the link below.,SB283-eng.pdf,SB283-enr.pdf
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Congratulations to Alabama, and this important step!:congrats:
yahooo.:35: if this keeps up the criminal element will have to move to more, ah, understanding states. gee, what a shame.:haha:
good deal, I hope they pass a similar bill here in Oklahoma, dubbed the "stand your ground" bill.
Congrats to Alabama - our state legislators have this before them now. Hopefully, they'll do the right thing. Keep your fingers crossed.
Congratulations to Alabama
Here ya go George!
Alabama Governor Signs Self-Defense Law


Gov. Bob Riley signed legislation April 4 that puts Alabama among a growing number of states giving new legal protection to people who defend themselves from intruders in their homes, businesses and vehicles.
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