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A couple of thoughts. About 3 years back a senior law student at Temple U was attacked in Center City near or on Market ST.
He had to use his gun for SD. He was arrested, and prosecuted. There was a trial, he was acquitted. He lost 2 years of his life and of course suffered some time in jail pre-trial and lots of expense, not unlike the TM-GZ deal in FL except all involved were white and college educated.

So, the first message is to maybe stop worrying about what kind of gun to get, except for extreme concealment given
that Phila is not really a gun friendly place, and talk to him about avoiding trouble and not letting it find him.

He is going to Optometry School so I'm sure he is smart. Make sure he is wise. Wise about where he walks, when he walks, what hours he rides on public transport, where he lives and how safe the trip to school is.

I don't know where the Optometry School is. Temple? U Pa? Drexel? Thomas Jefferson U.? Other? Which part of
the city basically. I could maybe help you out, with more info if you want to send a PM or continue here. My adult son and
his wife live and work in Center City and at U Pa so if I don't know the answer I can ask.

Bottom line, with big cities -- any big city--- and any urban environment, your protection comes from being street
smart, not from carrying. Using the carry weapon is the last desperate move after you have messed up by not
knowing the city. In big cities you can often be perfectly safe on one street and not safe on one street over. Your son
needs to learn the city.

Phila is a rough place with some charms to offset its interesting character. Your son being from NH, has likely not experienced
the sort of city life he is about to embark upon. He needs to learn, and learn in a safe way.

Good luck.

Added a few moments later. Just looked at the map. Ugh.
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