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Great Technique

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Who woulda thought?

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Trying to draw fire?:rolleyes:
Distraction by spit shine. Works every time.
It's an old Catholic school trick. Those are patton leather shoes, and he's looking around the corner.
Remember back when the girls couldn't wear them? Skirts? Boys looking? Got it?:redface::rolleyes:
Great technique until someone shoots your foot off!
Interesting idea, although i like my toes.
That clears up a long time mystery for me. I used to pal around with a LEO who had a medical retirement from a big city police force. He had part of his foot shot off but would never talk about how it happened.:smile:
wow? Is he trying to trip an incoming round?

oh ya, the finger on the trigger is good idea to??? :blink::confused::scruntiny:
Look closely folks, he has a mirror on his shoe.

I have seen that training technique in Europe. It is a good way to get your foot shot off!
It's going to be difficult to see the front sight with the left thumb right in front of the rear one. Not to mention the other problems that might be produced with that odd grip.
You need to maintain all of your equipment, all of the time. Shine on!
I have to agree with retsupt99, take a look at his eyes. He's looking at his foot. He's using his foot to act as a mirror so he can see what is around the corner.
and when he's not peeking around corners.........he's wondering through the mall sneaking up behind women with dress's on :tongue::blink::scruntiny:
I'm thinking you could use this tactic, maybe twice.:blink:
Thats right out of the early retirement guide for police....
Apparently his department hasn't caught on to the old mirror-on-a-stick trick yet.
Like these:


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Aiming for the kneecap? Nah! Aiming for "this little piggie."
The person is looking at the tip of his shoe as to be used in a mirror fashion.

But this image is as from a marketing campaign for a shoe polish product, regionally called 'Nugget', as by an ad company based out of Johannesberg, South Africa.

Nugget Shoe polish: Police | Ads of the World
Credit: The Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa), Johannesburg
Art Director: Liam Wielopolski,
Writer: Michael Blore
Creative Director: Graham Warsop
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
Best shoe polish ads - Focus - Advertising Archive : Creative Ads
"POLICE OFFICER" print ad for NUGGET SHOE POLISH in South Africa by THE JUPITER DRAWING ROOM, Johannesburg
Released: January 2005
Agency: THE JUPITER DRAWING ROOM, Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
This is not a 'technique' as for real.

- Janq
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Who woulda thought?

He would be better off getting one of these:

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