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Thought I would share this nice little gem I found.

Been looking around a while for a good universal iwb mag carrier. Problem with many good kydex mag carriers, they can be pretty specific to the mag size of a particular gun. Tried neomag, not impressed, snagmag, ok i guess but not for me, remora, meeh. Well been using a snakeeater cobra riggers belt which is awesome and I didn't even realize they sold a iwb mag carrier that is exactly what I've been looking for. Great price and quality. IWB Magazine Pouch - Snake Eater Tactical

This fits every mag I have from a small 238/938, glock 19 mags, my 45's and even my 20 round mag for my 226 tacops. Surprisingly very comfortable to wear. Now I still use a kydex iwb mag carrier but this is beginning to get a lot of edc time.

So if you are looking for a very good inexpensive ($20 w/shipping) option for a good mag carrier, this is it.
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