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"green" newbie hints???

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:wave: Do you have any suggestions for a girl learning on her own? I've searched around and there aren't any classes in my area. Even the local gun sellers are not willing to have classes due to liability issues and very busy schedules (my favorite seller also trains LEO's). I've practiced quite a bit and have read lots of books, but I'm still feeling "green". I have my CCW and carry every day. Thanks for any hints or suggestions you can give!!
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Practice will be your best confidence builder. What do you shoot? Maybe you can buddy up with somebody with the same drive to build confidence and become a better shot. You can motivate and challenge each other through shooting "games" and competitions. It also may not be a bad idea to head out there with sombody a little more experienced who is willing to share time and tips. As you evolve in your shooting skills you can graduate to mock scenerios and "draw shooting" In anycase, I thing practice is paramount at any level. Good luck and safe shooting.
Welcome to the forum. Try going to and go down about half the screen to "Education & Training" and click on Training Courses in Your Area. There are 25 NRA certified instructors in Pennsylvania so you should find one within a reasonable distance.
First, welcome.

You have already gotten one good suggestion. Also don't be afraid to ask questions, at the range, or here. We pride ourselves as being a friendly and knowledgeable (when taken as a group) forum, always willing to share that knowledge.
A hearty welcome indeed. It's nice to see more women coming into the CCW world.
Thanks for making me feel welcome! Since I'm a beginner, right now I have a Sig Mosquito and a P3AT. I'm working my way up. LOL I checked with the NRA site and the closest class site is over an hour away ~ with the price of gas, I don't see that happening. I'm going to join a local sports"men"s club and I hope they are as open to women as you guys seem to be. They have a pistol range and I do know a few people that go there, so maybe they can give me some tips and pointers.
Welcome Amitalou!

I don't think you will have any problem with the 'guys' accepting you as a guest, then later propose you become a member where you say you might start shooting. Interest in firearms, especially defensive shooting, is almost a universal language that doesn't bar gender, ... at least from my experience. Anyone who steps forward to take the responsibility to learn self defense with firearms is one less "Condition White" those of us will someday have to protect. Also, when someone approaches 'us' for assitance in learning, we would fail in our responsibilities to our legacy if we didn't leave tomorrow better than today. You will undoubtedly receive much help when you visit the shooting club as well as your questions here, ... there are allot more knowledgeable folks here than I, but I will do what I can when I can to help you! If you can, ... find a copy of Jeff Cooper's 'Colors of Mental Conditions' either in a book or video format. As a young Police Officer in AZ many years ago, this information was invaluable for me either on-duty or off. If you have young ones, you owe it to them to obtain this info as you carry concealed. Col. Cooper's lessons pretty much spells out how we humans walk about our daily lives making choices - whether to be defenseless or defenders. I wish you the best of luck!!! Visit often and comment likewise!!!
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I'm an instructor. There are a LOT of them here. You want to become a good shot? No mystery. Three simple words: MASTER....THE...BASICS

Try looking here: If there is a club near you, go check them out and talk to a few of the match participants. Usually there are tons of instructors there as well. If not even the SO's (Safety officers) will usually be of help. The members come from all walks of life. My club has educators (like me) and lawyers (not the bottom feeding kind, usually) and cops and husbands with their wives, sometimes the kids....too. You can learn to shoot well and better yet, you can learn some rudimentary tactics. We've also hashed this out on the site as well. It's not the end all be all for you, but it'll be a heckuva lot better than the alternative of books and maybe practicing something that is in error from the start.

EDIT: THere appear to be 14 IDPA clubs in PA. Try it'll like it!
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Welcome from Arizona - lots of good advice given above. Read through some of the older posts here as well as the new ones. If you have a particular topic the search engine has brought me some great older threads.

lot of practice and ask lots of questions ask someone at the range for help if need be most people are willing
welcome, nothing will be better than profesional training.
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