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Greeting from an eternal rookie!

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To all of the family (law enforcement/military/civilian/others) who make up this forum, I bid you greetings.

Those who have either worked with me call me either Patch or Robocop (referring to my reconstructed knee, hip back and neck).

I refer to myself as an eternal rookie because I expect to learn something each and every day. The day that I stop learning is the day I am pronounced dead.

I've worked with and trained with a lot of good folks and I plan to be around for awhile.

I'm always looking for ongoing training, so please bring me up to speed on the latest.

As they say back home on the bayou, "may the good Lord take a likin' to ya and laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll).


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Welcome Patch!

Good philosophy you have there. I learn something new every day. Not always what I want to learn though. :wink:

As we say where I'm from, pull up a chair and stay awhile. :biggrin:

Hi Patch. I'm glad you finally introduced yourself to the forum.

This is another one of my friends guys. Please make him feel welcome. He is a good and humble man who has been there and done that. He will make a great addition to this forum.
Hi Patch!

Fellow newbie here, but one with a lot to learn. Cya 'round the boards.
Welcome to the forum, Patch, you come highly recommended. Hopefully, we are all still learning something everyday. I know I am still learning a lot here. :smile:
Welcome Patch!

I kinda like "RoboCop" a little bit better than Patch.
Welcome RoboCop! Our first Bionic Forum Member! :smilygifs
I learn something new here every day also.
One thing that I've learned (for sure) is that friends of acparmed are always welcome additions to the forum.
You Just Jump Right On In...ya hear!:hand:
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