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Greetings from central kentucky

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Hello! I am an ex-military 60 yr old husband, father of three and grandfather of seven. I ccw a 19, 23c and bodyguard, not at the same time. Lol. Looking forward to learning from ya'll. I am originally from georgia (ya'll) . I have been carrying since 05-08, just picked up my renewal permit yesterday. I also have a beretta tomcat,bobcat and 84f on layaway. That is a 25acp,32acp and 380acp. Wife wants computer for facebook now, will check back in later. Glad to be a member. Chasw.
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Welcome to the forum! :wave:

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from as far west on the CONUS as you can get. Thank you for your Service. Semper Fi.
Welcome from Delaware!
Welcome to Defensive Carry :wave: The best forum for sharing ideas and experience.

Help us keep this forum great by remembering the Golden Rule: Please treat others as you want to be treated.

I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house!
Hello! Welcome from Southeast Kansas! :smile:
Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome from Wisconsin.
Welcome from Wisconsin! Thanks for your service.
Welcome from Memphis.
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome. What city do you live in? I'll buy you a coffee.
Welcome from Alabama
Welcome from Wisconsin>
Greetings from northern Kentucky!
Welcome from Tennessee.....the "Patron State of Shootin' Stuff!"
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