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Greetings From Colorado

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Went and picked up my CCW this afternoon around 1600 after two + months of waiting. All the anticipation since the day I dropped it off suddenly turned to questions, scenarios, and the dreaded "what if's". After reading "ON SHEEP, WOLVES, AND SHEEPDOGS", those thoughts turned to relief...I know I made the right decision. I started browsing in more detail the web sites for concealed weapons and came here. The reading I've done so far has surpassed the past two months of research on other sites. I know I've found a good resource to assist in carrying a firearm. Look forward to hearing from everyone.
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You have come to the right place my friend. Pull up a chair and enjoy. Nice to have ya.

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Welcome from Alabama.
Hi there From Arkansas!!

I lived in Colorado for a looooong time. :smile:

But I moved back home.
Hello from another Colorado packer, if the Buzzard-ball&fishhook mean you're a Marine, then welcome from an ex-doc.
Welcome to the forum Dan and congrats on the new ccw.
Welcome to the forum, Dan :hand36:
Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee. Stay safe out there.
Welcome to the forum.
Hey from another Colorado FORMER jarhead. Now all you got to do is join the Colorado Rifle Club.
Welcome to the forum.
Settle right in Dan - most of what you might need for info is right here.

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You have found the best site on the internet for concealed carry. Glad to have you aboard...Bill {from the south shore of MA}:wave:
Welcome! :beerchug:
Hi from the bosom of liberty, Massachusetts

I've been carrying a gun since the early 1990s, and have been a firearms instructor for the past ten years.

My current favorite carry guns are either a S&W 1911 or a Glock 30. When I shoot IDPA, I usually compete with the 1911 or a G17, or a S&W 625.
Congratulations Dan, and welcome!
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