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Greetings from Kentucky

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Hello, new member from Kentucky here. Seems like this is and will be a very good forum for the CCW's etc. !
I'm a retiree who just received my CCW a year ago. The state of Kentucky has one of the most liberal gun law programs and are reciprical with most all other states. Open carry (even without CC ) is allowed and the CCW laws allow not only guns, but such things as knives, numchuks, brass nuckles, throwing stars, etc. !
I have started accumulating 'my collection' of hand guns and have a Beretta 9mm olive drab 92FS, a Bersa .40 mini compact, and a virtual 'hand cannon' a Bond Arms .410/.45 Colt 2 barrel derringer with a 9mm extra barrel . I normally carry a Keltec .32 cal. for CCW.
Looking forward to 'meeting' all youall.

"The art of diplomacy... being able to say ' nice doggie...'while looking for a big rock ! "
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Hi Kentucky

Welcome to our forum! Whoops! It's your forum now too!
Thanks for registering! You made the 100% right/correct decision when you decided to register and introduce yourself!
Now you get to actually communicate with a whole bunch of the greatest gun folks on the Internet. :biggrin:

That BOND ARMS 410 Derringer really "Kicks It" huh? Made me swallow my chewing gum the first time I touched one off. :biggrin: DO know that you are now MORE THAN WELCOME to open up a brand new talk topic or post your comments anywhere you want to???
We'll love hearing from you. Don't just register and stay silent. :wink:
Hello neighbor - from across the river! This is the best forum that I have run across in a long time of forum surfing.


Good to have you around :)..

it's also good to know the laws down that way, because that's where my parents want to retire too...

and when I visit...i'll surely be carrying...


welcome,kentucky is one of my favorite places. hope to relocate there in a few years. been lookin at property in anderson and oldham counties,
Hey KY!! :smile: Welcome indeed to CC - and to retirement!!

Enjoy both.
Welcome. I lurked around here for a coupla months before I posted. There is a wealth of great information here.
Welcome to the forum, Kentucky! :smile:
Heyyyyy welcome to the forum!!..GReat state of Kentucky you're living in..............I particularly like Knob Creek area.........been there............many many times.......
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