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Greetings from NC

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Hello all, I just registered, and I\'m excited about getting in early on what looks like ia great forum with a lot of potential.

I\'m a frequenter of the forums at The High Road , the Firing Line, and Gunboards, among others.,

I\'m relatively new to concealed carry and gun ownership in general, I got my first pistol in the spring of 2003 and obtained my North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit this past October.

Up until now the only forum devoted to CCW that I have seen have been the discussion boards at, which for some reason still use the old BBS format, and thus are much less useful than a modern PHP forum such as we have here. I look forward to spending lots of time here and helping the forum grow.
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Thanks, cls12vg30! For the past six months we have been a very small little forum that gave our few members a place to ask questions, seek and give advice about CCW, firearms, politics or anything else anyone wanted to post about. The one thing I am horrible at is shameless self promotion so we have moved along slowly but steadily. The focus intended for the forum is CCW, self defense and other related knowledge and information collected from all of our members. is, IMHO, is one of the best websites I have seen related to CCW information, by state. I visit them often. Here we hope to benefit from the experiences of our members.

Glad to see you found us and I am looking forward to see you come back often.
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