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Greetings from San Antonio.

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Thanks to the mods for providing such a great forum, and thanks to all the contributors for generating such excellent discussion!

I'm a 51 year old native Texan, in San Antonio since '89, East Texas before then. Spent a bit of time at some of my uncle's resort properties (Ft. Benning, Ft. Hood, Ft. Riley, etc.) in a couple of past lives.

Been a shooter just about all my life. I still have my first .22 -- an Ithaca Saddle Gun, single shot, falling block -- looks like a little Winchester 94. For me the most exciting part of turning 21, was, "Wow! Now I can buy handguns!" Started with a Ruger Single Six and went on from there.

I've got a variety of weapons now and especially enjoy the ARs (.223 & .308) and an Uzi I picked up a couple of months ago. I just got back into 1911s (first time since the Cav) and love my Kimber Desert Warrior.

My young bride and I both have our CHLs. I look forward to participating here, and hope to get into IDPA shooting. That looks like fun and some good practice.
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Welcome to the forum - :smile:
Welcome from Kansas City.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Alabama
Well Hi Rod - :smilez:

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A Rocky Top Tennessee welcome to you.
Hi Rod....welcome to the forum.

A Western welcome. I was at the same Ft. Hood (resort) '84-'87, Hooah. Go down to the River Walk and cool off with a margarita at Casa Rio if it is still there.:wave:
Welcome from Washington.
Welcome! :beerchug:
Hello there! welcome to the forum!

Thanks very much for the kind words of welcome! And yes, Casa Rio, and its margaritas, are still going strong in San Antonio. Although it's hard to beat Mi Tierra for late night menudo . . . :urla9ub:
Welcome from Idaho
Welcome to CombatCarry, Rod :hand10:
I have been to Mi Tierra-great place.:image035:
Hello from North Texas. Welcome to the forum.
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