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Greetings from Tennessee

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Hi all, just wanted to say hey. Seems like this could be a very informative place and talk with knowledgable shooters. I've had my ccw for a few years but have just recently gotten back into the practice of carrying. Hope to learn much and hopefully contribute in some small way.
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Welcome - :smilez:
rycher - welcome :smilez:

As Bud mentioned - what is your choice for carry.
Thanks for making me feel welcome guys. I primarily carry a glock 19 but my wife may inherit it soon. I just acquired a ruger sp101 and I'm serioulsy considering making this my carry gun. I'd prefer to leave the glock home with her seeing as she shoots it well and feels comfortable with it.
Welcome to the forum, rycher!
Hi rycher....welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Idaho
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Thanks to all, can't wait to expand my knowledge and just enjoy talking firearms!!:smile:
welcome from texas just joined recentlt also
Welcome to the forum from another Tennesseean.
Welcome from Arkansas. The place where concealed carry is really tough cuz they don't make holsters to fit the ropes we use to hold our pants up in the Ozark hills. LOL!
Welcome to a fellow Tennesseean....
Welcome to the best group of gun enthusiasts on the 'net.
Thanks to all for the welcomes!!!!:smile:
:wave: Hello from FL
More Tennesseans! :congrats: Welcome to the boards.
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